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I'm an independent consultant and creative director based in New York with a background in business, strategy, and frontend development. I co-founded a studio called The Couch

In the past, I helped Fortune 500 companies design apps, understand their users, and create new products through workshops and design-led programming.

These days, I primarily work with startups or small and medium size businesses with a focus on designing and art directing websites, brands, and consulting on a variety of digital and visual experiences.

Always happy to meet new people and share ideas. You can reach me at:



I donate a portion of my profits from each project to organizations that are fighting climate change, racism, and providing support to women, children, and the lgbtq+ community. If you are reaching out about a potential project and would like to incorporate donation matching into the scoping process, please let me know. Your email will go to the top of my inbox  :)


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